Called To Be Him - Week 1
Introduction Part 1

Acts 1:1-8

What does it mean to be Jesus? ... not to be simply be like Him but to actually be His physical presence on earth? … how can we at Cornerstone improve at being Him? How can you personally improve?

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Called To Be Him - Week 2
Introduction Part 2

Acts 1:1-8

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Called To Be Him - Week 3
When god says wait

Acts 1:9-26

Have you ever asked God for something and His answer was… wait?

... What did you learn about God from this experience?

… What did this experience teach you about prayer? 

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Called To Be Him - Week 4
Possessed With Presence

Acts 2:1-13

What is the most significant difference in the disciples before Pentecost and after Pentecost?

Notice that Peter later in verse 38 of this same chapter will tell these “devout” (v.5) Jews that they must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus so their sins can be forgiven and so that they can be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

What if they refused, insisting that they already had a relationship with God… a “devout” one?

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Called To Be Him - Week 5
When God Speaks

Acts 2:14-41

Have you ever had an encounter with “locusts”?

Locusts leave nothing behind… no hope, no possibility of recovery, no reason to care anymore… just frustration with no prospect of a meaningful life.

How would restoration look for you?

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Called To Be Him - Week 6
What Kind Of Church Does God Want?

Acts 2:42-47

How “simple” is your own heart?  In other words, how difficult is it for you to be at peace. 

Do you find yourself concerned or critical of things that occupy your mind and keep you from being content and at peace with others?

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